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Why engaging students?

Many sections of a company, e.g. research and development, require very complex routines in the daily workflow. These routine jobs often need to be done by highly qualified employees. This leads to a well known dilemma. On the one hand highly qualified workers are very expensive compared with their tasks. On the other hand lower qualified employees are missing the skills to achieve these works.

The solution is right here: You can pass these tasks to a student. Students are highly qualified and even more motivated to use their theoretical knowledge in a practical work enviroment. Furthermore students are casually used to get into new fields of activities because of being in a certain educational development

Your company gets the opportunity to keep tabs on your engaged students in a daily routine so you can precociously spot high potentials and develop them to profitable young professional. Your company also benefits from the positive added value of know-how that might optimize processes in your company even when the student is not working there anymore.

As former mentioned, students are easily to intergrate in your daily work flow because of their education and specific qualification. Because of their integration experts in your company for example are disburdened, which leads to an increase of quality and quantity.

The reason why nomiko is your partner in the recruitment of students and more
Engaging an employee always costs your company money. Not only the regular salary and wages, even before the work contract is signed there a certain costs without any utilities for your company. To get the whole process rolling, a lot of work needs to be done. Whether it is the basic writing of job offers, the selection of qualified appliances or the administration of getting all needed documents from your new employee. Especially foreign students, who often enrich your company’s international standing need to be highly attended.

Nomiko supports your HR department in order to save your company time and thus money, by taking care about the whole process of recruiting and administration without loosing your guidelines. See for yourself how our services and its benefits can increase your productivity.


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