non profit association for talent management

About nomiko

nomiko is an independent Talent Management Service, operating in sectors of apprenticeships and plans for further education.

nomiko is a non-profit-organisation conceiving and controlling employees qualification and further education together with it’s member companies. The concept is mainly based on project specific assignments.

nomiko does not primarily pursue goals of serving its own economic interest.

Apprenticeships and plans for further education regard mainly:

  • Pupils
  • Apprentice
  • Students
  • Young professionals

of all branches of study and all kinds of companies sectors.

nomiko was founded by high experts and managers of the Nokia GmbH in the year 2000 in order to meet society’s demands of social responsibility regarding skills shortage. Since it’s founding nomiko is open for all kind of companies, who are interested in a lasting development of highly qualified employees. Today nomiko has 20 member companies and attend their pupils and student at its 24 facilities.